Madison, May 12, 2021: Teejop Walk For Water – Decommission Line 5

1500 Sherman Avenue, Madison, Tenney Park Locks, 6 P.M.

On May 12, 2021, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered the shutdown of Enbridge Line 5 pipeline through Michilimackinac//Straits of Mackinac. This decision has come at the urging of Michigan’s 12 Tribes to protect the sensitive lifeways at the intersection of Lakes Michigan, Huron, and nearby Superior.

In acknowledgment of the importance of this decision and of our continued responsibilities to care for the water, Teejop//Madison community members will gather and move along the waterways that are so important to us.Led by Anishinaabe Saasaakwe//Old Style Jingle Dress Dancers and Songs from Madtown Singers, we will begin at Tenney Locks on Waksikhomikra//Lake Mendota and follow the path of the water along Mąą’ii yahara//Yahara River, ending at Yahara Place Park on Čihabokihaketera//Lake Monona.

All are welcome! Gathering begins at 6pm CST. Path is 1.1 miles, mobility aid accessible, and crosses Sherman Avenue, East Main Street, and Williamson Street. Please wear masks and maintain physical distancing. For the safety and respect of dancers and singers, please do not touch them or their regalia.

If you are a jingle dress dancer or other traditional dancer and would like to participate, please message the folks at giige on facebook, instagram, email (, or call at 608-230-6394 so we can have offerings ready for you.

May be an image of footwear and text that says 'TEEJOP WALK FOR WATER MAY 12, 2021 DECOMMISSION LINE 5'

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