Pastor Matthew Sauer on the People’s Power Summit

WPPS Facebook Event:

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Pastor Matt Sauer from Manitowoc on why he’s participating in the Summit and talking about Gospel Justice at a workshop and as a main speaker Friday, June 11. 

The Rev. Dr. Matthew L Sauer
Manitowoc Cooperative Ministry
Presbyterian Church USA
United Church of Christ

“On August 23, 1963, more than 250,000 people took part in the March on Washington DC for Jobs and Freedom. We remember that day as a watershed moment for the Civil Rights Movement. We remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream Speech”. We forget that the stated goals of the march included “a comprehensive civil rights bill” that would do away with segregated public accommodations; “protection of the right to vote”; mechanisms for seeking redress of violations of constitutional rights; “desegregation of all public schools”; AND a massive federal works program “to train and place unemployed workers”; and “a Federal Fair Employment Practices Act barring discrimination in all employment”.  These goals echo the Hebrew Prophets, they echo the teachings of Jesus, they echo the purpose of the Church. This is why I come to the People’s Power Summit, to let God’s justice roll down.”

Workshop:  Gospel Justice
This workshop will look at the intersection of faith and social justice. We will explore scripture and historical moments to see how the Christian faith has engaged in social justice. We will see that Justice is at the core of the Gospel and not a “liberal” interpretation.

Matt is a husband, father, and community activist for justice. Matt is pastor of Manitowoc Cooperative Ministry (a PCUSA/UCC ministry) specializing in Community Engagement and Transformation. He moonlights as an advisor in the Doctor of Ministry program at McCormick Theological Seminary and as a Hospital Chaplain.


The Rev Dr. Matthew L Sauer, MCM Co-Pastor
920.860.6880 (cell/text)

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