LaCrosse, May 21, 2021: Rally for Palestinian Human Rights!

West Side of Cameron Park, 4th St S, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 54601 – 5 P.M.

Event by Coulee Region Coalition for Palestinian Rights

Join us at the West side of Cameron Park to rally against the atrocities in Gaza.

As of May 17, 212 Palestinians, including 61 children, have been killed by the Israeli military assault on Gaza. The bombing has intensified and more children are killed each day. We will call out the names and ages of some of these innocent children.

There are specific actions that we will be urging our lawmakers to take, including co-sponsoring a Joint Resolution Disapproval (JRD), introduced to the House on May 20 that would block the sale of $735 million of weapons to Israel. 

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'THE US. WOULD RATHER FUND GENOCIDE THAN HEALTHCARE y'
Milwaukee, May 20, 2021 / Photo: Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

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