Palestinian people fight for freedom, U.S. funds occupation & murder

Israel’s generals call it “mowing the grass.” Joe Biden calls it “self-defense.” For 11 terrible days and nights, Israel’s made-in-the-USA air force rained the latest weapons of mass destruction on 2 million Palestinians imprisoned in the Gaza Strip. The targets were apartment blocks and refugee camps and everything people need to live. They were hit with high explosives, white phosphorous, dense inert metal explosives, vacuum bombs and types of bombs never used before. 

U.S.-Israeli bombs and missiles “wrecked sewage systems and water pipes, damaged at least 17 hospitals and clinics, severely damaged or destroyed about 1,000 buildings and suspended operations at Gaza’s only coronavirus testing laboratory,” the New York Times reported May 21. 

Israel destroyed 66 schools, Gaza’s largest bookstore, a factory making water tanks, and 20 media offices. Roads leading to hospitals were bombed deliberately. At least 120,000 people lost their homes. 

Entire families massacred

Seventy-five children are among at least 243 people murdered by Israel’s U.S.-made F-16s and F-35s. The youngest, Omar Hamdi, was 5 months old. He died with his mother and three siblings. Only his father survived. 

The eldest may have been Amin Muhammad al-Qoalaq. At age 90 he was older than the Israeli state. He died with three generations of his family when their home was obliterated by U.S.-Israeli bombs.

Dozens of families were wiped out as Israel’s U.S.-trained and -paid pilots targeted homes in the middle of the night. Doctors Ayman and Raja ‘Ouf died with 12 members of their family when four Israeli missiles targeted their house. Dr. Mooein al-Aloul, 66, and journalist Yusuf Abu Hassan were also murdered when missiles hit their homes.

Israeli troops gun down unarmed protesters ….

Palestinians in Haifa on May 18 in a nationwide general strike.

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