Stand in Solidarity with Laura Salamendra

On June 7, 2021, the Mayor of Geneva, NY allowed pro-police demonstrators to shut down a public meeting and harass local activist and elected city council member Laura Salamendra. For over a year, far right reactionaries in coordination with the police have carried out an intimidation campaign against Laura, with tactics ranging from constant drive-bys to death threats. She is being singled out because of her role as a committed advocate for police accountability. The police — and the ruling class they protect — refuse to accept even the mildest democratic attempts at oversight. Across the state, region, and country, they are using every tactic at hand to suppress activists and block reform. Together with new laws permitting vehicles to drive into protestors and limiting opportunities to vote, these aggressive tactics demonstrate an emboldened fascism in the United States. We must stop the reactionary assault on the people’s movement for justice.

Add your name to the petition defending Laura Salamendra and condemning Geneva city officials complicit in the campaign to silence her.

Petition text:

I condemn the violent and sexist threats against Geneva, NY Councilmember Laura Salamendra. Laura has effectively helped lead the movement for police accountability in the Geneva City Council and the creation of a Police Review Board. These escalating attacks include rape and death threats. Laura’s home has been targeted for harassment, including by a recently retired police detective. Geneva’s mayor allowed ultra-right wing racists to stop Laura from questioning Geneva’s police chief at the June 7, 2021 council work session. I, along with people of conscience from all over the United States, hold Mayor Valentino as well as City Manager Sage Gerling and Police Chief Mike Passalacqua responsible for allowing these efforts at intimidation to go unchecked.

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