Milwaukee, July 29, 2021: Celebrate Ernest Lacy!

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'Gralnimn JUSTICE FOR ERNIE LACY! CELEBRATE Enielay Ernest Lacy 40 years ago Ernest Lacy was killed by Milwaukee Police on hot summer day 9th, 1981. Today will join Lacy family and celebrate Ernie's life on what would be his 63rd birthday. #LACY LAW JULY 29th 3PM-8PM 3PM @JOH SONS PARK 1919 FonDu Lac ve. COGGS-JONE COGGS FOOD SPEAES/MUSICLOVE LONG LIVE ERNIE LACY JUSTIC PEOPLES REVOLUTION'
The Peoples Revolution Milwaukee

40 years ago Ernest Lacy was killed by the Milwaukee police on a hot summer day on July 9, 1981. Today we will join the Lacy family and friends and celebrate Ernie’s life on what would have been his 40th birthday. Food, speakers, love will all be expected as we say Long Live Ernest Lacy.Details:
Location: Johnson’s Park, 1919 W. Fond du Lac Ave, Milwaukee
Time: 3:00pmTake some time to read the Lacy Law that was enacted after much organizing and recognizing of law changing in the fight for justice and accountability. Statute 940.291, which was adopted in 1983 Act 27

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