Black Umbrella Global (Madison): Drop All Charges Against John King and Release Him Now!

Black Umbrella Global

URGENT DIGITAL ACTION! John King is still sitting in a cell and Brenda Yaskal and Kevin Calkins refuse to drop all charges. John King was assaulted by Columbia County Deputies and Portage Police – after having his rights initially violated in the traffic stop by Mariah Vogel of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department

DEMAND ALL CHARGES BE DROPPED – Even if you’ve emailed, send another.,, In Subject Line | Regards of Columbia County Case Number 2020CF000546, State of Wisconsin vs. John Roy King_

John King was not only assaulted during the initial stop, he has also been assaulted in Columbia County Jail by deputies again. These Jails are corrupt, the deputies and officers function in society as a violent gang and the district attorneys look the other way. the lead district attorney in Columbia county was appointed by Governor Tony Evers this is an example of how the Governor is failing to use his power and influence to protect Black People from racist institutions. Every Jail, Every prison has countless stories of assaults and other psychological torture of the inmates and there have been no real tangible changes within the DOC since evers took office. Shame!

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