ALERT: People’s Organization the Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement Threatened by Right-Wing Thought Police Over ‘Stop Hate’ Rally

A Statement by Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

August 9, 2021

MANITOWOC, WI — On the evening of August 8, 2021, the right-wing organization “Educate Not Indoctrinate” sent out an email to its members containing language which, in today’s climate, we view as very threatening to our membership and the wider community in particular those affiliated with or supporting Black Lives Matter.

With a subject line “Goon Squads at Aug 10th MPSD Board Meeting,” along with other threatening language within the email, we are alerting the community to these self appointed thought police. We support the constitutional right of the Manitowoc Human Rights Coalition to host their public forum called a “Stop Hate Rally” August 10, 2021: Apparently, Educate Not Indoctrinate is opposed to stopping hate in Manitowoc! Despite their disagreement, the August 10 labor and community rally will go on!

The organization Educate Not Indoctrinate has been waging a campaign against historical truth being taught within public education in Manitowoc. Presently the group (some members have supported or have affiliations with state and national right wing organizations with major funding sources such as the Americans For Prosperity, Bradley Foundation, the Heritage Foundation and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty), is circulating a petition to demand the resignations of Manitowoc’s African American Superintendent and the democratically elected School Board. They are also sponsoring what many in the progressive movement state are extreme right-wing circuit speakers. At the July 2021 Manitowoc School Board, according to observers, members of Educate Not Indoctrinate spoke at the public hearing portion and spewed inaccurate information about what is actually in the curriculum within MPSD. There were also reports from community members that at the July 2021 School Board meeting, that members of Educate Not Indoctrinate attempted to physically intimidate members of the School Board and the wider community that don’t agree with them.

Along with the actions of Educate Not Indoctrinate, according to various community reports, other right-wing affiliated persons in Manitowoc have over the past year attacked the first African American City Councilor Mr. Aaron Bailey, the progressive organization Lakeshore United Visionaries (LUV) and others, many women. Also, in July, the Manitowoc Public Library Director resigned and there are some reports from the community that the Director (and her children) were bullied over the library’s decision to have diversity, equity and inclusion programming. Also, there are reports of right-wing leaders in Manitowoc sanctioning acts such as vigilantes stealing and vandalizing yard signs of political candidates they don’t agree with. There are other reports of escalating threatening activity from right-wing forces in Manitowoc.

In contrast to the right-wing’s threats and activity, there’s also been a variety of wonderful community activity by a diverse array of people’s organizations in Manitowoc County over the past few years including the Wisconsin People’s Power Summit this year. Much of this work has been supported by Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement which has been in existence for over 10 years supporting in concrete ways thousands of events and hundreds of progressive organizations statewide and beyond. We are an all volunteer organization funded only by poor and working people. Our members have contributed hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars and thousands of hours of labor power and helped to build numerous organizations and much more to the people’s movement. We are a broad based statewide network of labor, community, farmers, students and faith based folks some of whom just might be Marxists and union members too! This is exactly what the right-wing organizations such as Educate Not Indoctrinate don’t want: People’s Unity to fight racism, union busting, attacks on women and LGBTQ people, police brutality, attacks on the Indigenous, the prison-industrial complex, environmental destruction, war, attacks on immigrants, the de-funding of public education and the attacks on voting rights. And of course to build a better world where there’s no hate and everyone has a right to what they need such as housing, union jobs, healthcare and public education. The right-wing wants poor and working people divided so we can’t unite to build a better world. But we know we the people united can never be defeated!

By including a link to the Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement blog in their email, Educate Not Indoctrinate is attacking everyone in the progressive people’s movement in Wisconsin and beyond. The right-wing forces want us to go back in the closet, to not speak up, to be demoralized and alienated and to not fight back as they rampage our cities and destroy all we as poor and working people have built over the years. The right-wing wants to turn cities in rural and semi-rural Wisconsin into complete right-wing bastions. We will not allow this to stand without a response! We have faith in our fellow poor and working people to see through the right-wing’s lies, to fight back, organize and to build our power!

We support our unions! And we will fight for the rights of our children and our community to public education and all that entails including teaching historical truth, critical thinking and diversity!

As we have done for over 10 years (and some of our members for decades) we from the Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement will be out practicing our civil and human rights to rally August 10 stating clearing and loudly “Stop Hate!”

We won’t go back!

Ona Move!

If you want to exercise your democratic right to speak during the public comments section at the Manitowoc School Board meeting you can sign up here:

Resources for historical truth teaching:


In the interest of community transparency here’s the email Education Not Indoctrinate sent to it’s members August 8, 2021:

From: Educate Don’t Indoctrinate <>
Date: August 8, 2021 at 9:00:31 PM CDT
Subject: ALERT – Goon Squads at Aug 10th MPSD Board Meeting

Concerned Citizens,

As you may now be aware, multiple BLM-associated Marxist Equity groups will be staging a rally prior to the MPSD Board meeting on August 10th. The Stop the Hate goon squad also worked with MPSD Board sympathizers to have the venue moved to Lincoln High School Auditorium. Rally at 6 pm. Board Meeting at 7 pm.

Should you go to this meeting?

Your right to free speech, assembly and public input during this session cannot be denied.
If there is something import to you the Board needs to hear – make your voice heard.
If you have been to other political rallies where rumbles happened – then you know what to expect. These troublemakers have a taste for physical and sometimes violent confrontation. If you go, use good judgement and maintain situational awareness.

Our group will have a single spokesperson at the event to give a statement to the press (a longshot chance to be heard by a larger audience) but we will not take the bait to become props in these choreographed spectacles, nor risk physical violence. We do not expect this to be a productive meeting – this is a rigged game.

The course of events will determine how we will participate in future MPSD Board meetings. In the meantime, we are planning a follow-up presentation in mid September (hopefully, at the Lighthouse Inn again) to cover: the origins of Equity training at MPSD, teacher training materials used, how equity training is being deployed, and what parents can do to identify and respond to equity indoctrination at school. More details will follow.

Finally, if you have not already done so, please read and sign our Petition and encourage everyone you know who is eligible to do likewise.

Stay vigilant and thanks for all you do for our community!

John Cress,

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