Right-Wing No Better Friend Group Planning Another Hate Rally in Green Bay September 16, 2021

The right-wing No Better Friend Corp. organization is planning another Hate Rally in Green Bay September 16, 2021. They plan on having their racist, anti-worker recruitment rally at The Rock Garden, 1951 Bond Street, Green Bay from 7-9 P.M. (doors open at 6 P.M.) [https://bit.ly/3mHnDQ4].

The goal of No Better Friend Corp. is to attempt to establish a base in Green Bay/Northeastern Wisconsin. The organization has held hate rallies in Wausau and other locations in alliance with other right-wing organizations.

While opposing the teaching of historical truth in public schools, No Better Friend Corp. also has been a leader in Wisconsin opposing public education, unions and more. This right-wing organization is closely allied with Americans For Prosperity (AFP) which supported Act 10 and Right-To-Work (for less) being implemented in Wisconsin and the repeal of the prevailing wage. They are opportunistically using issues such as anti-masking and CRT to push their extreme right-wing agenda.

Both No Better Friend and AFP are funded by the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation which is behind virtually all of the attacks on poor and working people in Wisconsin over the past few decades but especially since 2011. Michael Grebe, a General of the right-wing in Wisconsin, lead Bradley for years and is now the head of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL). Grebe (a Ronald Reagan follower) chaired former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s gubernatorial and recall campaigns ensuring the majority of Bradley’s “capitalism with the gloves off” program was rammed through the legislature, signed and implemented. Walker is now the President of the right-wing Young America’s Foundation (YAF) [https://bit.ly/3gEoxc2].

The Bradley Foundation is fundamentally rooted in eugenics philosophy. [https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/SourceWatch]

For a full list of groups the foundation has funded: see Contributions of the Bradley Foundation.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “from 2001 to 2009, it [Bradley] doled out nearly as much money as the seven Koch and Scaife foundations combined.”[5]

Progressive organizations are in the process of organizing a response to this September 16 hate rally in Green Bay. In Manitowoc August 10, a Stop The Hate rally drew dozens of participants.

Stop The Hate rally in Manitowoc, Wisconsin August 10, 2021
Photo: Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

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