Honduras International Day of Solidarity

Today, August 30th, there are mobilizations in  Honduras for the International Day of the Victims of Forced Disappearances and Against the ZEDEs for Sovereignty. The Employment and Economic Development Zones (ZEDEs in Spanish), also known as “private cities”, “charter cities” or “model cities”, have been rejected overwhelmingly in Honduras almost a decade since the first protests against them in 2011 when they were introduced as Special Development Zones. The Zedes allow the creation of totally autonomous city-states within Honduran territory, governed by foreign investors, that would be a kind of new colony for modern times. Under this model, any group or individual can take possession, through questionable means, of lands or regions in order to build the ZEDEs, transfer it to third parties, and expand it without any time or geographic limits. ZEDEs owners would even be able to expropriate the property of legitimate Honduran owners in the areas where they are created to expand their business.

The Honduras Solidarity Network supports the Movement Against ZEDEs and in Favor of Sovereignty in Honduras – View it in your web browser

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