Detroit Demonstration to Demand the Release of Federal Rental Assistance Funding

Facebook Event:

Event by Detroit Will BreatheDetroit Eviction Defense and Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Sponsors: Moratorium NOW! Coalition, MECAWI & Others
Contact: 313-671-3715

We demand that:

* The U.S. Congress pass legislation giving the CDC the power to impose a moratorium on evictions during this pandemic emergency.

* The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services impose a moratorium on evictions.

* The county health departments, including Wayne County, impose moratoria on evictions.

* The City of Detroit Health Department impose a city-wide moratorium on evictions.

* The State of Michigan expedite the distribution of Covid Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA).

* The 36th District Court halt eviction proceedings until tenants have received CERA funds.

Additionally, Moratorium Now demands that landlords cease the unregulated and abusive policy of using prior evictions and court appearances to deny renting to prospective tenants.

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