Green Bay, September 16, 2021: Stop The Hate Rally!

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Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

The right-wing organization No Better Friend Corp. is planning to sponsor a Thursday, September 16, 2021 hate rally at 1951 Bond Street in Green Bay (The Rock Garden / Comfort Suites – 920-499-7449) beginning at 6 P.M. Anyone can register here:…/no-better-friend…/

We are asking all progressive organizations including unions, community, faith-based and student organizations to join us in protesting the No Better Friend Corp.’s hate rally! We will gather at N Taylor and Bond streets at 5 P.M. with a speak-out at 6 P.M.


The name No Better Friend Corp. (funded in part by the Bradley Foundation) is meant to sound folksy but the organization’s members and backers are some of the most extreme right-wing forces internationally attacking poor and working people relentlessly. The billed speakers for the September 16 event are supported by an array of alleged war criminals, union busters, bigots and racists. []

No Better Friend Corp. (which is generally opposed to anything or anyone good for humanity and the Earth) want to consolidate the right-wing activities in Wisconsin during 2020 and in particular the spring and summer of 2021 that have taken place in Burlington, Cedarburg, the Fox Valley, Mequon, New Berlin, northeastern Wisconsin, Wausau and other locations.

The right-wing actions include: Attacking school board meetings, threatening public officials and community members, and attacking public libraries and other public institutions. They are using the issues of teaching historical truth in public education and science based responses regarding COVID 19. But they are also anti-union, oppose public education and are pro privatization. They use an array of lies and deceitful techniques (language such as reform, flexibility etc.) to cover up their real agenda of their dream society of capitalism with the gloves off (de-regulation, no unions, the shredding of safety nets, perpetual wars for the rich etc.).Similar to the Tea Party, No Better Friend Corp. (and their funders and allied organizations) are a part of a national right-wing network that want to recruit an even bigger base of anti-worker, racist forces to further their goals.

In Wisconsin, a major focus for the right-wing is the suburbs and semi-rural and rural areas. Historically in these locations there’s been large numbers of union workers but they’ve been violently reduced by plant closings and Jim Crow laws such as Act 10 and Right-to-Work (for less) laws implemented since 2011.


As we’ve been doing in Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay and other locations in past weeks, we the people (educators, students, union members, the Indigenous, communities of color, workers, women and LGBTQ people) will not let the right wing run wild across the state attacking us at will!

Join us Thursday, September 16 in Green Bay to say NO to hate and YES to hope and People’s Unity.


For media interviews or more information: 414-395-0665 or message us. Also contact us if your organization wants to endorse the protest.

Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

Labor Donated

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors
Stop The Hate Rally in Manitowoc August 10, 2021 / Photo: Gary J. Klein

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