No Better Friend Corp. Adds Racist, Anti-Worker Zealot Matt Batzel to its Speaker’s Roster for September 16, 2021 Hate Rally in Green Bay


This enemy of poor and working people has been added to the speaker’s list September 16 No Better Friend Corp. hate rally! As with all the speakers, this one Matt Batzel, has been engaged in participating in the horrific racist, anti-worker austerity in Wisconsin especially since 2011 with the Jim Crow Act 10. This austerity has resulted in the tens of billions stolen from poor and working people in WI and that money handed over to the banks and untold suffering, misery and premature deaths and the curtailment of life opportunities for millions. People like Batzel, a chump for the rich, laugh about their “work” (starving people, destroying the environment, the taking of people’s homes, eviscerating safety protections, eliminating anti-discrimination laws etc.) and thinks this is all fun and games! (Note: American Majority is also a part of the state and national right-wing network, funded by the Bradley Foundation and other capitalist “foundations.”)


Matt “I hate unions” Batzel

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