Kenosha, November 21, 2021: Our City, Our Justice! Rally & March!

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Reimagine Kenosha: Our City, Our Justice
Rally and March At Civic Park
Sunday, Nov 21, 2021 2pm CT

We are coming together–Black, white and brown, from Basik Skate Park to UW Parkside, from the Lake to Strawberry Creek–to make clear our demands for *true* justice in the wake of this trial.

Together, we are united, we are hopeful, we are resilient, and we are unafraid.

And together, we believe that true justice is a Kenosha where all can thrive.

But today, certain leaders — such as, our mayor, our sheriff and our district attorney — enable, increase and commit ongoing violence against Jacob, Anthony, JoJo, Gaige, Chrystul Khizer, Donna Matthews, and so many others.

All the while, they spread lies about people marching for justice, hoping to distract us from their choices to support violence by vigilantes, prosecutors and police and to defund our schools, shelters and care. But we know better. We’re coming together, as we have for two years, to reimagine Kenosha and reimagine America.

For a Wisconsin that funds our neighborhood schools so that they have all they need to inspire and prepare our children.

For a Kenosha where every one of us can see a counselor or get the medicine we need.For a community where we all have a safe home to make memories and lay our heads.

And for community safety without violence, without military weapons, without dangerous cages, and without criminalizing poverty or addiction.

Join us!

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