December 15, 2021: Vel Phillips Forum: Milwaukee’s Socialist History at the Public Library – Archivists and Adventurers

May be an image of text that says 'Vel Phillips N Forum Turner Turners Mlhadke Milwaukee at Hall'
Milwaukee Turners at Turner Hall

Register in advance for this webinar:…/reg…/WN_jBSfO3wVQh27JHZobDIdiAIn episode 6 of the Vel Phillips Forum we debut a short film on Milwaukee socialism that was done in special collaboration between the Milwaukee Public Library and the Zeidler Group.Milwaukee’s Socialist History at the Public Library – Archivists, Adventurers and Activists will feature the 15-minute film which centers on an incredibly rare collection of photographs, archives and history surrounding the development of government and neighborhoods in Milwaukee by the three Socialist mayors: Daniel Hoan, Emil Seidel and Frank Zeidler. In the film, Adam Carr, Dr. Robert Smith, Kori Schneider-Peragine and Emilio De Torre were able to play a game of “intellectual pick up basketball” with a candid viewing and sometimes poignant, sometimes funny observations on the archives.The conversation will consider discuss some important questions. How can our history inform our future? What importance do archives or historical collections hold for today? How can libraries continue to provide relevant access to our past?Panelists include:
Adam Carr – Milwaukee Neighborhood News and the Zeidler Group
Casey Lapworth – Milwaukee Public Library
Kori Schneider-Peragine – Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council‘s Inclusive Communities Program
Dr. Robert Smith – Marquette University’s Center for Urban Research Teaching and OutreachModerator: Emilio De Torre, Milwaukee TurnersRegister in advance for this webinar:…/reg…/WN_jBSfO3wVQh27JHZobDIdiA See less

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