Help save Lake Superior! Stop Line 5! Water IS Life!

On Jan. 6 the ACOE announced that they would require a “standard individual permit review” and that the public can participate through submitting comments!  But we have to work fast: the public comment period ends on March 7, and we need to get hundreds of comments submitted. Luckily for you, we’ve made it very easy to do so. Please go to this action page, where you will find a sample comment and some talking points, which you can use to create your own comment.  If you are very pressed for time, you can just use our sample, but please start it with a couple of sentences about your main reason(s) for opposing a permit for this project.

 So far the ACOE has not announced a public hearing where we could testify. 

We plan on requesting one, and if you do too (in your comment) maybe we’ll get yet another opportunity to tell the ACOE, the media, and the world that we reject all new fossil fuel infrastructure, including Line 5.  Copper Falls State Park, the Kakagon Sloughs, and Lake Superior are all in danger from Line 5.  It needs to be shut down, not renovated piece by piece!~~From 350 Madison

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