Political Prisoners and Colonized People: The Solidarity Imperative

Despite decades of calls for an end to all colonialism, many peoples on every continent still struggle for sovereignty and liberation. From well-recognized occupied territories like Western Sahara and Palestine, to contested lands like Puerto Rico, which officially are understood to be “non-self-governing,” freedom movements have shifted strategies over the past several years, with open dialogues about nonviolent resistance, armed struggle, and new methods appropriate to 21st century dynamics. Through it all, one thing seems clear: solidarity for the political prisoners of the rising civil resistance movements needs to become a stronger focus and much better coordinated.

This webinar looks directly at this key organizing challenge, with updates from front line organizers and analysis from long-time political prisoners. It concludes with audience questions and answers from the panelists.

This webinar has been organized as a collaboration of the new Occupied Peoples Forum, which brings together representatives of eight still-colonized peoples, Solidarity 2020 and Beyond, Waging Nonviolence, Resistance Studies Initiative, the International Peace Research Initiative, and the U.S.-based, Black-led, Spirit of Mandela coalition.

Moderated by:
Rosa Moiwend, West Papuan organizer and peace educator
Matt Meyer, Secretary General, International Peace Research Association; Spirit of Mandela Coordinating Committee member

Sahar Francis, Palestinian Executive Director, Addemeer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association
Luis Rosa Perez, Puerto Rican former political prisoner; human rights activist with Casa Corretjer
Enguia Mohamed, President, NOVA Western Sahara civil resistance association
Jalil Muntaqim, Black Panther former political prisoner; Spirit of Mandela Coordinating Committee member

Recorded on February 21, 2022.

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