Fond du Lac WI: Detective Bill Ledger and District Atty Eric Toney Racism and Corruption Report

Disgraced Fond du Lac police detective Bill Ledger has been exposed as a racist, sexist, and homophbic stalker who has used his badge to attack/harass people who he considered his political enemies.

Article, published March 1, 2022:

This is a disturbing report and there is no doubt that you can find similar reports across the country.

Open record requests detail the racist and corrupt police force in the City of Fond du Lac WI and the partisan hack District Attorney Eric Toney who continues to protect the injustice system in the city for which he holds the strings. 

This submitted report will detail the racist, sexist, and homophobic attacks that Fond du Lac Police Detective William (Bill) Ledger unleashed on people who he considered his political enimies. It will also reflect on the corrupt practices of the Fond du Lac Police force and its officers who continue to protect its ‘Thin Blue Line’ from the top of its ranks and all of the way down to the bottom. It will also detail the complacency and collusion of Fond du Lac District Attorney Eric Toney.

With the retirement of Police Chief Bill Lamb, and DA Toney’s hope to achieve higher office, it appears that the City will attempt to avoid accountability with potential civil right lawsuits. This open record report obviously hides the true extent of Detective Ledger’s corrupt practices and is also obviously shielding the City from accountability through the inaction of District Attorney Eric Toney….

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