Wisconsin: Help Stop Racist, Anti-Worker Thought Police Bill 411

Senate Bill 411  was introduced on July 10 by, among others, Senator Darling who represents Whitefish Bay in the Wisconsin Senate.  Although phrased as race-neutral and never referring to critical race theory, it is designed to prevent schools from teaching about the realities of racial oppression over the last 400 years and to absolve whites of any responsibility for acknowledging or addressing continuing discrimination of minorities in our society. It also prevents anti-racism and anti-sexism training for employees of public school districts.

Senate Bill 411 Actions

The Assembly voted and passed this bill on September 26 on completely partisan lines. It has now been received by the Senate. The Senate has made one new amendment and the bill is ready for scheduling as of 11/29/21. The status remains the same. It is very important to take a stand and contact your senator. Encourage your friends to do the same.


Progressive Resource Material


Rethinking Schools

Manitowoc, WI August 2021 / Photo: Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

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