Demand Kenosha DA Drop All Charges Against Chrystul Kizer NOW!

Free Chrystul Kizer

Let’s flood the Kenosha County DA’s Office with Calls!

Join us in demanding the Kenosha County District Attorney drop Chrystul’s charges. Call the DA’s office at 262-653-2400 and email Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley at

Sample script: “Hello, my name is ————– and I am calling in support of Chrystul Kizer. You have charged Chrystul for defending herself from physical and sexual abuse. I am demanding that as District Attorney you use your power to drop all charges against Chrystul.

Chrytsul was only 17 years old when she defended her life from abuse and violence. Prosecuting her just furthers the violence and trauma she has experienced during her young life.”

Free Chrystul Kizer

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