Reader Letter About Right-Wing School Board Candidates in Manitowoc, Wisconsin: ‘They Are Antagonists to Public Education and Would Be Bad for Our Kids’

WI BOPM received this letter in response to this article we published on March 22, 2022: Manitowoc, Wisconsin: Right-Wing School Board Candidates – Vlastelica, Phipps and Spaulding – Have Ties to Privatizers, Union-Busters, Bigots and Torturers

Letter received March 23, 2022

“Nailed it. I hope Manitowoc wakes up and keeps the thugs away from our kids. These three are all political extremists and religious zealots. At the extreme right coming out party hosted for them by Jon Cress all three were pointed about how their religion is the foremost influence on all they do. Doesn’t show up in their harassing behavior toward the school board members they are now running against. They lead months of mob filled anti-mask “public input” rant sessions and have lead the witch hunt against our school superintendent.

We already have two extreme right bible thumping board members: Soeldner and Braunel who have perpetrated months of chaos and disruption of our school board. These three candidates are working with Soeldner and Braunel and an irrational right wing population, none of whom have kids in the Manty Public schools. They are small in number but hysterical in voice. Their goal is to defund our public schools and dismantle them. At the coming out party, Phipps referred to his time in college as his “indoctrination.” The other candidates regularly refer to public school education as “indoctrination.” They are antagonists to public education, not allies. For this reason I don’t believe they can possibly serve as ethical school board members and their election would be bad for our kids.”

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