Support UW Health Nurses Fighting For Their Union!

SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin

Let’s all show our support for nurses at UW Health who are calling for a union so they can advocate for themselves and their patients! Executives refuse to recognize their union even as nurses struggle with dangerous understaffing, turnover, exhaustion and trauma. The UW Health Board and administration must recognize their union NOW to solve this growing crisis and ensure safe, quality care. Sign the petition today: #UnionVoiceAtUWHealth #UnionsForAll

🚨❗️UW NURSES: Join Our Urgent Action Planning Meeting❗️🚨


Let’s all gather together on May 4 to plan the actions it will take to get UW Health to recognize our union NOW. With our union, we can win long term solutions for safe staffing, nurse retention and quality care! #UnionVoiceAtUWHealth

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