4/18/22: #HandsOffJerusalem Chicago Rally

Since April 1st, which marked the beginning of Ramadan, Israel’s Occupation Forces went on a rampage, killing 18 Palestinians, injuring several hundred, and arresting over 600 (400 at the dawn of April 14th alone). Similar to last year in May, Israeli soldiers and police have violently stormed the Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem – twice in the last 48 hours – as Palestinians pray, violating their right to worship.

Moreover, Israel has invaded multiple refugee camps and cities, and blocked roads and entries to much of the West Bank, Gaza, and 1948 historical Palestine, restricting movement for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

In response, Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine is calling for a rally this Monday, April 18th at Michigan Ave & Ida B. Wells Drive, at 4 PM, to say U.S. and ISRAEL: #HandsOffJerusalem!

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