Milwaukee, May 1, 2022: March for Jay Anderson Jr.

It’s time to MAKE SOME NOISE

📢👣👣We’re taking it back to the streets for Jay Anderson Jr.!!

Jay Anderson Jr. was asleep in his car in Madison Park when serial killer cop Joseph Mensah decided to end Jay’s life. Mensah, as well as the Wauwatosa Police Department, came up with a web of lies – the most disturbing one being that Jay lunged for a gun. It was proven that Jay never lunged nor moved. So why is Mensah not already locked up?! Our system was designed that way. Designed to protect the police rather than the people the police are hired to protect!!

It’s time to remind them that BLACK LIVES MATTER‼️‼️ Just because a Black man or woman has a gun doesn’t justify them being murdered. Just because a Black man or woman is running away doesn’t justify murder. Enough is enough‼️‼️

Mensah hears his fate in court on Friday, April 29. We still stand with the Andersons. We are still here. We still expect Mensah to be held accountable for murdering Jay Anderson Jr.!!

🗣📢👣It’s time to take it back to the streets! 🗣📢👣

Meet at Hart Park at 1:30 pm, marching begins at 2.

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