NATO lies exposed! Former agent speaks out!

Note from the editorial board: Today we are reproducing a pair of very important articles that blow sky high all the lying western propaganda that has surrounded the war in Ukraine from day one up to the present. The author of these remarkable documents is not a Marxist. Far from it. He is Jacques Baud, a former colonel in the Swiss army and ex-member of the Swiss Strategic Intelligence Service. He also worked for NATO, during and after the 2014 Ukraine crisis, following which he participated in programmes related to Ukraine. 

We do not necessarily subscribe to every dot and comma in these articles, nor to anything else Baud may have written. But the very fact that this critique comes, not from a Marxist, but from a former high-ranking official of western intelligence and NATO, renders it a hundred times more valuable.

In their totality, these documents represent a devastating rebuttal of lies told in the western press about the Ukraine war. And they provide a striking confirmation of everything that has been saying since the beginning of the conflict.

We ask our readers to give this article the widest possible circulation.

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