Climate crisis rages as U.S. pushes war for energy profits

May 3, 2022 Scott Scheffer

For a brief period last summer, even as the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the headlines, climate change news burst to the forefront. 

There were wildfires in several western U.S. states, where record-breaking droughts dried up the water system. There were floods in China, Central Europe and India, where 1,300 people died. A Pacific Northwest heat wave took the lives of more than 1,000 people in the normally temperate and humid region. 

Considered the most extreme heat wave in world history, it shocked climatologists and was a basis for the reassessment of climate change timelines.

All of this was happening as President Joe Biden’s proposed “Build Back Better” legislation, which included funds for action on climate change, was being crushed in Congress. The legislation was already not enough – but still too much for the powerful energy industry and giant banks to allow. 

The defeat left the White House without a plan of action to bring to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow last October.

The humiliation and consequent surrender by Biden revealed the weakness of the executive branch of the capitalist U.S. government when it is forced to confront the power of the ruling class, and in particular, giant energy corporations and banks.

Washington prioritizes war ….

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