Solidarity with the Cuban People!

To the People of Cuba,

On behalf of IFCO-Pastors for Peace  and all Friends of Cuba in the United States, we are saddened to hear of the explosion at Saratoga Hotel in Old Havana the morning of May 6th. Regrettably, dozens of people were severely injured and killed. 

We join with you in mourning this tragedy resulting in the loss of human life, untold injuries and the emotional impact which tears at the heart of your people. In our humble way we stand in support of the People of Cuba and  send ongoing prayers of comfort for the bereaved and healing for the injured, and sending strength and solidarity for recovery. 

It has been clarified by President Díaz-Canel that there was no sabotage involved nor was it an act of terrorism. There is still a search for missing people. In typical Cuban fashion, thousands of Cubans immediately acted in solidarity by donating blood.  Please send prayers for our friends and we will keep you all updated with additional solidarity efforts. 🤲🏾🙏🏾🕊️

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