Poor People’s Campaign June 18, 2022 – Sign Up for Madison Bus

This week, the Poor People’s campaign is asking you to make a video on your personal reasons why you are coming to Washington, D.C., on June 18. There are so many touch points in this campaign: living wages, climate change, denial of health care, militarism, the war economy, forgiveness of debts, the false moral narrative of religious nationalism, and more. This is a movement led by and for poor and low-income people, and we want everyone to see the reasons we are touching so many people.

As we move closer to June 18, 2022, the largest gathering of poor and low-wealth people this country has ever seen, we will continue beating our digital drums and asking you to use your social media network to let everyone know why you are going to #MeetUsinDC! Find bus ride opportunities here, as you RSVP!(Here’s a link to one bus going from Madison…..https://rally.co/booking/115578/153/trips)

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