May 14, 2022: Stamp Out Fascism! Build the Peoples’ Resistance!

Event by International Women’s Alliance

Join us for the concluding webinar of the 3 Crazy Months of the Peoples’ Fightback Against Fascism Campaign

Saturday May 14, 2022
8am New York
2pm Amsterdam
8pm Manila

Register Here:

1. Historical Rise of Fascism and Current Manifestation in the Pandemic — Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson Emeritus of ILPS

2. Class, Caste, Ethnicity, Gender and Religion: Creating the ‘Other’ for Entrenching Fascism — Azra Sayeed, Asia Pacific Resource Network

3. Building the Anti-Imperialist Movement in Response to Fascism — Len Cooper, Chairperson International League of Peoples’ Struggle

4. Rise Up! Fight back! Building a Global Movement against Fascism — Cody Urban, Resist US-Led War Movement

Translation will be provided. Please email for inquiries.

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