Palestinian Youth Movement Detroit: Power to Our Land Defenders; Nakba74 Reflection

This 74th Nakba day, we honored 74 years of the Palestinian resistance against the ongoing catastrophe that is the Zionist occupation, genocide, and displacement of Palestinian people from their homelands.

This 74th Nakba day, we honored the land defenders and freedom fighters that stood against settler colonial projects in Palestine before 1948 and those that fought and continue to fight imperialism worldwide.

Together, we reaffirmed that:

  • There can be no true freedom, until we decolonize our minds. And no true peace, until imperialism is defeated at the root.
  • Despite the horrors of imperialism, we come together in recognition of our power to resist, our power to heal and our power to build a better future.
  • The Palestinian cause is central to the struggle for liberation from colonialism worldwide.
  • To stand with Palestine, is to stand with all oppressed and marginalized communities against state-sponsored murder, displacement and disproportionate control over resources and opportunity.
  • We must reject normalization with the illegitimate Zionist entity in all its forms to uphold the struggle we organize and mobilize for year after year.

We thank you for sharing this space with us and look forward to continued growth in knowledge and power with you.

Stay connected:

In dedication to our defender of the land, the people and the truth – Rest in Power Shireen Abu Akleh. Even in death, your light will never be dimmed.

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