Madison: Release #JessicaWilliams – Drop All Charges Now!

Freedom Inc

#JessicaWilliams is a long-time advocate of Black women survivors and #DomesticViolence victims in Madison. On Friday, May 6, she was unjustly arrested and charged with a felony for simply attending the sentencing of a victim, #KenyairraGadson.

We believe Jessica was arrested solely because of her vocal and public defense of Kenyairra Gadson, a queer Black woman who was charged by the state for defending herself against an attacker; this campaign embarrassed local officials, including the Black District Attorney Ismael Ozanne. This arrest was a premeditated action by DA Ismael Ozanne, Judge Chris Taylor, and their accomplices.

We are thankful for Jessica’s release from jail, however her charges are still there. Please sign our petition to demand that ALL of Jessica’s charges are dropped immediately, and that Ismael Ozanne immediately resign his position as Dane County District Attorney.

Freedom Inc

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