May 29: Live from Colombia: 2022 Election

Event by Alliance For Global Justice

Colombia’s May 29 election will be historic, no matter the outcome. But could violence and irregularities decide the election instead of votes? Alliance for Global Justice, People’s Human Rights Observatory, National Lawyer’s Guild, and Colombia’s Permanent Committee for Human Rights and Fundación Lazos de Dignidad are sending an international delegation to observe the elections, and to accompany threatened social leaders.

Our election day coverage will most likely alternate between teams based in Bogotá and Cali and will feature reports from delegations there. We’ll have special guest interviews with human rights defenders, social activists, political leaders, union officials, academics, and journalists. These broadcasts will bring up to date information in English on the day’s events. We’ll also include recaps in Spanish every two hours.

Register to be part of the “studio audience,” where you can send questions to and chat online with our co-hosts & panelists👇

REGISTER ON ZOOM:…/reg…/WN_zPzMailfRdiOlz0yc4x9bQ

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