Video Game Workers in Madison Win Union Election!

Video game workers who work at Activision Blizzard-owned Raven Software in Madison have won their NLRB union election in a landslide! Quality assurance testers have come together as the Game Workers Alliance (CWA) to become the first union at a major video game maker and just the second video game union in the United States.

“Five months ago, we formed the Game Workers Alliance-CWA on the principles of solidarity, sustainability, transparency, equity, and diversity,” said members of the Game Workers Alliance. “Management at Activision Blizzard worked tirelessly to undermine our efforts to establish our union, but we persevered. Our biggest hope is that our union serves as inspiration for the growing movement of workers organizing at video game studios to create better games and build workplaces that reflect our values and empower all of us. We look forward to working with management to positively shape our working conditions and the future of Activision Blizzard through a strong union contract.”

Wisconsin workers are leading the charge for worker rights and strong union contracts in the video game industry and beyond.

“Congratulations to the members of the Game Workers Alliance (CWA) union who have stood strong against fierce union-busting to organize their workplace and make history by becoming the first union in the video game industry in Wisconsin and just the second union in the video game industry in the United States,” said Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Stephanie Bloomingdale. “Wisconsin workers continue to say ‘union yes’ as a historic wave of union organizing sweeps our nation. Game Workers Alliance (CWA) members are determined and united in their demand for sustainability, transparency, diversity and equity in the video gaming industry. The multibillion-dollar video gaming industry is built on workers putting in long, grueling hours for little pay. Game Workers Alliance (CWA) union members at Raven Software have come together to demand a seat at the table to secure improvements that will help all workers in this industry. We call on Activision Blizzard and Raven Software to come to the table in good faith and negotiate a first union contract with Game Workers Alliance (CWA) members.”

Congratulations to Game Workers Alliance members. Onwards to a strong first contract!

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer

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