Drone whistleblower Daniel Hale has spent a year behind bars. With a 45 month sentence, he has almost three years left to serve. His crime? Telling the truth about the US drone program and terrorist watchlists.

Write to your member of Congress telling them to call on President Biden to commute Daniel’s sentence! 

A commutation is something only President Biden can grant Daniel and it would mean he could get out of prison sooner. 

The military documents released by Daniel Hale revealed concrete evidence supporting the high rate of civilian casualties inflicted by the US drone program. At times 90% of drone strikes hit unintended targets or innocent bystanders. His truth-telling also exposed the guidelines for the US terror watch list, although this information was unclassified, it was kept from the public. This release enabled individuals to successfully challenge their placement on the notorious No Fly List so their names could be removed. Daniel deserves to be free.

Tell Congress to use their power to help #FreeDanielHale!

In 2013 Daniel spoke at CODEPINK’s drone summit. Watching him speak was moving. He seemed shy, a personality trait you may not expect from someone who blew the whistle on the most powerful military in the world. He did something so simple, but so meaningful at the time: he apologized to drone victims and their families. 

“To the people in the audience who are victims or who are families of victims or have families who live in countries where U.S. militarism, specifically unmanned systems are conducting kinetic strikes, I’m sorry,” he said. “For a short period of time during my military career as an analyst, I worked with unmanned systems and deployed to Afghanistan. And at the very least, you all deserve an apology” Hale said.

Another thing you can do to support Daniel besides contacting your member of Congress is writing to him! You can find his mailing address and rules for the prison here. 

In solidarity,
Danaka & the whole CODEPINK Team. 

PS – We are trying to get 40 young anti-imperialists to DC to bring messages of anti-militarism to the Poor People’s Campaign on June 18. Help us fund their trips here!

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