Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Message to the Workers’ Summit of the America’s

The Workers’ Summit of the Americas was organized to counteract the Summit of the Americas organized by the US Department of State in Los Angeles, California. The Workers’ Summit includes the countries that are besieged by the US (Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba), and who have been barred from participation in the US sponsored Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles.  When the US announced that Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua were not invited to the Summit, there was an immediate response from Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, and numerous Caribbean countries objecting to this one-nation imposition of who would be considered part of Latin America.  This Workers’ Summit will be held in Tijuana, Mexico from June 10 – 12.  Mumia’s message [ATTACHED] will be read at the opening.

This is yet another example of the major anti-US Empire initiatives going on in Latin America.  See  

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