Fond du Lac WI Write In Campaign: Tiffany Brault For County Executive

Alarmed by the news? You can make a difference now! Vote June 7th in the Fond du Lac County Special Election

“I’m Tiffany Brault, I’m a Progressive.

In Fond du Lac County we embrace hard work, the belief in opportunity for all, and treating others like we want to be treated.

And that goes for everyone, no matter what you look like, who you love, or where you grew up. Everyone should have the right to provide for themselves and their families and to live in a safe place.

But some politicians try to divide us against each other, hoping that if we fear our neighbor,  we might look the other way while they rig the rules for their corporate donors and watch as our communities suffer.

When we go all in for all of us, we can make this a place we’re proud to call home with the roads, public spaces, and community services our families need. We can make this a place that honors everyone, no exception” -Tiffany Brault

Tiffany Brault was born and raised in Fond du Lac and is a Marian University graduate. She currently serves on the Fond du Lac City Council and the Fond du Lac County Board.

Tiffany Brault believes it is time to start valuing families and bring affordable childcare and eldercare to every family in Fond du Lac County. Anything else falls short.

Tiffany Brault believes clean sustainable energy investments create local jobs, strong communities, and a more stable environment for future generations.

Tiffany Brault believes good leadership is with others rather than over others. We get good government when we use the skills of many people and recognize the power of shared decision making and shared accountability.

Tiffany Brault believes all people deserve to be able to make the best health-care choices for themselves and their families. We all want our loved ones to be free from addiction, and we can make Fond du Lac County a place where we all have the support that we need.

Tiffany Brault believes we must provide affordable broadband to every resident and business in Fond du Lac County. 

Tiffany Brault believes we can ensure the rules made about our roads, air, water and land serve our best interest.

Tiffany Brault Believes people who work hard deserve to make more than a decent living; we deserve to have a decent life. 

 “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes”

Sam Kaufman of Waupun WI happens to be Tiffany’s election competitor. Kaufman has been recently exposed as a racist transphobic hate monger who shares controversial memes to social media. His cheap jokes at the expense of the most vulnerable members of our community might be a big laugh for himself and his far right buddies, but for some it has real life consequences. After he was caught and exposed, Kaufman scrubbed his social media from public view but has never recanted or apologized. In fact he has blocked his constituents from his social media who have raised legitimate concerns. He dismissed their concerns as ‘asking divisive questions’ As of this date he continues to ignore the outrage of the communities that he hopes to represent. 

It is because of this behavior by Kaufman that public schools in Wisconsin are recieving daily bomb threats from people who have the same thought pattern as himself. His lack of respect for personal pronouns is the behavior of a child, not a leader. 

Sam Kaufman also shares racist memes which would indicate that he believes that black people commit crime, which is untrue. Poor people commit crime and Kaufman needs to learn the manners that he was never taught as a child. This is not the behavior of a leader, it is the behavior of a racist profiler. 

Sam Kaufman promotes and encourages hatred and racism in the county of Fond du Lac and he has proven to not be a leader and should never be trusted with the keys to the county.

One outspoken resident of Fond du Lac had some questions for Sam Kaufman. We will be kind enough to give him one last opportunity to answer prior to Tuesday’s election.

“Please explain the joke, Sam Kaufman. What’s funny about this? What about it makes you feel good? How does it help you? It sure doesn’t help Fond du Lac County or its residents. 

How does this convey “Please bring your business here” to companies looking to relocate or expand? 

How does it convince our young people to stay in Fond du Lac County once they become adults? 

How does it help overcome this area’s reputation for being backward and hostile so new visitors and residents will travel or move here?

Help me out here, Sam. I’m just a girl, standing in front of an elected official, asking “divisive” questions.”

In short, Sam Kaufman has proven to be a partisan tool for the establishment. He will never be a good steward to our communities. His behavior is not only shocking but it is also appalling and disgusting at every level. We ask you to please vote on Tuesday June 7th and write in Tiffany Brault for Fond du Lac County Executive.

Because of an expected low voter turnout some polling locations have changed. If you normally vote at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds you will still vote at that location as normal. If you vote at any other location in the city, your polling place will be the City/County Government building at 160 S Macy Street.

Write-in Tiffany Brault for FDL County Executive. A new generation of leadership

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