July 3, 2022: Actions Across the U.S. – ALL OUT TO FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL!


On July 3, 1982, Mumia was framed and unjustly sentenced to death. Forty years later, the movement is still working towards his release. Our collective organizing got him off of death row; it will take even more, consistent organizing to BRING HIM HOME!

JOIN US in Philly at Thomas Paine Plaza (Municipal Services Building, Broad and JFK) at 1:00PM for powerful speakers, amazing performances, to march and to deepen our organizing efforts to free Mumia! We encourage YOU to also organize an event in solidarity in your city, at lovenotphear.com/40cities.

In the last decade, we have seen the release of many political prisoners! Let that encourage us towards FREEDOM!

LoveNotPhear is a campaign to mobilize Philadelphia and national and international supporters and organizations to free Mumia. For more information, follow @lovenotphear on Instagram and www.lovenotphear.com

A word from the family:
“We ALL have jobs to do. We NEED you. I NEED you. He NEEDS you. Come band with us in an international protest calling for my grandfather’s freedom. He LOVES you. LOVE him. It’s with the LOVE of The People that we show POWER. LOVE can unlock unbridled strength. True LOVE unleashes the determination to fight and never give up. We will NEVER GIVE UP until he’s a FREE MAN. JULY 3rd – I’ll look for you amongst the masses. Together we will FREE MUMIA.”

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