Sheboygan, WI June 26, 2022: Rally for Reproductive Freedom!

14th & Erie, Sheboygan, WI – 12 NOON


We need our biggest showing yet of Roe supporters! Meet us on the southeast corner of 14th and Erie in Sheboygan for high visibility protesting.
PP of WI is halting abortions after this week in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling next week. Abortions are already inaccessible in the state of Wisconsin and will now become unavailable. PP will still be able to provide resources and navigation. We need a lot of help from you to bridge the gap in women’s healthcare.
Show up next Sunday!
Bring your best signs!
Bring ideas for fundraising!
Think about how you can share your talents and time for this important cause.
If you can assist financially, the most impactful donations are cash or gas/Visa/Mastercard gift cards.

Milwaukee June 24, 2022 / Photo: Joe Brusky

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