Milwaukee, August 20, 2022: Trump is a Racist Tool of the Rich and an Enemy of All Workers! – Rally and March


Trump and a group of racist and anti-worker reactionaries will be coming to Milwaukee on the morning of August 20 bright and early, from 8:15 a.m. until 5 p.m. We must be ready to meet him and his cohorts and let them know that Trumpism is not welcome here!

Location and other details to be determined! Stay tuned.

Note: Trump’s appearance (to attempt to recruit a racist, anti-worker base both legal and extra legal) is a part of the white supremacist and anti-worker “American Freedom Tour” which will “feature” capitalist bankers, corporate thieves and Pentagon war criminals. Political servants of the rich such as cops and politicians that have waged war on workers and the oppressed for decades, are also planning on taking part in the “tour.”

Background Articles:

‘Donald Trump’s Beer Hall Putsch:’

‘Why Did Trump’s Coup Fail?:’

‘Trump, Racism and Capitalism:’

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