Milwaukee, July 15, 2022: Expose the Fake Clinics Picket! All Out for Abortion Rights!


634 Historic W Mitchell Street, Milwaukee, WI – 5 P.M.

Join us on Friday, July 15th at 5pm at Women’s Care Center (634 W Historic Mitchell St) to picket for choice and expose a fake clinic!

Crisis pregnancy centers or “CPCs” are fake clinics that present themselves as healthcare facilities with free services, but in actuality serve as manipulative, religiously-affiliated proponents of anti-abortion misinformation. The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade only emboldens and empowers the right-wing and their pro-life stance. These clinics are often strategically located in oppressed, working class communities and are not too far from actual healthcare facilities providing abortions.

Their purpose is to dissuade women and pregnant people from having an abortion, even if it requires false medical information and manipulative scare tactics to achieve their goals. We must educate our communities about the real purpose of these clinics, and build the movement to smash the reactionary, anti-choice forces they represent!

Join us as we picket and speak out about their predatory anti-abortion tactics and let the Supreme Court know that we will not go back! We will fight back!


Milwaukee, June 24, 2022 / Photo: Joe Brusky

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