We are asking that calls begin to the Virginia DOC on behalf of Comrade Rashid. We need to urge them that Rashid’s cancer treatmeant needs to begin immediately.

Our friend and former editor over at the San Francisco Bay View, Mary Ratcliff, has put this script together and gathered the necessary contact information:

“Rashid has learned he has prostate cancer and wrote a story that will be posted at SF Bay View either tonight or tomorrow. He needs all his supporters to call the Virginia authorities and urge that he begin treatment immediately. Because I have cancer and am in touch with many friends who do as well, Rashid asked me to write a message for us to relay to the authorities; the contact info is below. Here’s the message:

“My name is _______________________.. My friend Kevin Johnson,#1007485, housed at Nottoway, just learned from the prison doctor that he has prostate cancer. Tests he took last October and November indicated that diagnosis almost certainly, but no biopsy was performed until April and the results reported to him on July 1. Eleven of 13 biopsies are positive for prostate cancer.

“Cancer kills, and it can kill fast. A friend with prostate cancer says his treatment started immediately upon diagnisis in an effort to stop the cancer from spreading to his lymph nodes and on to his bones, where it would be fatal. The Virginia Department of Corrections has already failed in its responsibility to provide even minimal care. Mr. Johnson’s thousands of supporters are shocked to hear of these inexcusably long delays in diagnosis. The best possible treatment must begin now. No obstacle must be allowed to cause further delay.”

Personalize the message if you can, and send it to the following authorities:

I’m afraid the Virginia authorities, who have wanted to get rid of Rashid for years, shipping him to states reputed to be most cruel, have seized on cancer as the cure for their problem. WE THE PEOPLE MUST RETURN RASHID TO GOOD HEALTH! Don’t let cancer and medical delays take him from us.

Last but not least, send Rashid some love and light at this infuriating and terrifying time: Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson, 1007485, Nottoway CC, 2892 Schutt Rd, Burkeville VA 23922.”

Kyle Rosch, VA Interstate Compact Administrator :

Kyle.rosch@vadoc.virginia.gov (804) 887-8404

Harold Clarke, Director of Corrections: Director.Clarke@vadoc.virginia.gov (804) 674-3000

Joseph Walters, Dep. Director of Corrections: Joseph.walters@vadoc.virginia.gov (804) 887-7982.

Clint Davis, Warden Nottoway Correctional Center : clint.davis@vadoc.virginia.gov (434) 767-2908

VADOC Director of Health Services Steve Herrick, 804-887-8118, steve.herrick@vadoc.virginia.gov or healthservicesinquiries@vadoc.virginia.gov.



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