July 13, 2022: Bans Off Our Bodies National Day of Action! Walk Out From Work! Mass Social Media Campaign!


Planned Parenthood

The Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout is a national day of action to amplify the fight for abortion rights across the U.S., show support for abortion providers, and set the stage for actions over the next few months.

Two Ways to Participate

On Wednesday, July 13, walk out from work at 4 p.m. local time. Planned Parenthood can provide you with a sample out-of-office message.

If you can’t leave work, you can still participate! In solidarity with abortion providers and people who are walking out, post on social media. We’ll provide a sample post.

Together, our movement will make it clear: We won’t back down — not now, not ever.

Sign Up Here: https://bit.ly/3nXRT8E


Planned Parenthood

The end of Roe is not business as usual. That’s why people across the U.S. are joining the #BansOffOurBodies Walkout on July 13 at 4 p.m. local time. They’ll walk out in support of abortion providers and to draw attention to abortion rights. Find out how you can join at https://p.ppfa.org/BansOffWalkout.
We need everyone in the fight to take back our rights. If you’re not able to participate on July 13th, or if a walkout just isn’t for you, visit http://BansOff.org for more ways to take action and how to show support for abortion providers.

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