#40Cities4Mumia #40YearsTooLong Free Mumia Abu-Jamal – Newark Holds Rally in Support of LoveNotPhear Campaign To Free Mumia

July 11, 2022 fwstaff

By Terri Kay

July 3rd marked the 40th anniversary of the conviction and death sentence of honored and celebrated political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Activists in over 40 cities around the world held events on this day to demand his freedom, once and for all. Mumia commands the love and respect of hundreds of thousands of people, world-wide and they are demanding an end to 40 years of injustice. A brilliant writer, journalist, and thinker, Mumia is known as the “voice of the voiceless”.

The LoveNotPhear campaign emphasizes that Mumia Abu-Jamal is a victim of racism, of racist Frank Rizzo (notorious former Philly mayor), and flagrant police corruption. Bribed witnesses and secret deals are not justice. They ask “Why is a cop’s life more valuable than another human being’s?”

Rallies, marches, banner drops, and film showings were held in cities including Philadelphia, San Francisco, Detroit, Boston,  Rochester, NY, Houston, Portland, and Maryland. Internationally, events were held in France, Germany and Mexico.

In Newark, NJ about 50 people rallied at the Lincoln Statue at an event organized by the People’s Organization for Progress (POP). Other organizations represented included FreeEmAllNJ and the United Panther Movement. The rally was MC’d by Lawrence Hamm, chairman of POP. Other speakers included Chris Duran and Neving Perkins of FreeEmAllNJ, TJ Whitaker, and Ingrid Hill of POP. Videos in this article are from the Newark rally.

A new book, “The Trials of Mumia Abu-Jamal In 25 Voices” by Todd Steven Burroughs was presented and sold out at the rally, with all proceeds going to the Jericho Movement and Mumia support organizations.

Abu-Jamal has a major court date coming up on October 19, 2022. The LoveNotPhear campaign will be focusing next on organizing major support for this event. To find out how you can support, contact LoveNotPhear on Instagram or Love Not Phear

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