CUBA: A Code consistent with the development of the family

In the twenty-fifth, and latest, draft version of the Family Code, 47.93% of the content was modified, including the transitory and final provisions; and new elements were incorporated, representing 2.06%, reported the Minister of Justice Oscar Silvera Martinez.

In a videoconference of the Drafting Commission of the Family Code with the deputies of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP), the Minister highlighted the real impact the opinion of the people had in this consultation process, which he described as “transparent and effective”.

He recalled that, on May 15, the National Electoral Council delivered the results of the popular consultation, and on that basis a work system was established which has been complied with in all its stages.

José Luis Toledo Santander, president of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee, pointed out that if the project is approved in the next session of the ANPP, the decision to call the popular referendum, scheduled for September, will be made available to the Parliament.

Doctor of Sciences Yamila González Ferrer, vice-president of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, said that the popular consultation was an important moment for the people, from the educational and pedagogical point of view, and a space for debate with those who presented the project, which generated different opinions.

She added that among the criteria issued, there were some that imply inconsistencies with the Constitution and international treaties to which Cuba is a signatory. These criteria included the elimination of the positive notion of upbringing without violence and parental responsibility and the references to the progressive autonomy of children and adolescents….

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