Reporting Back: Celebrating the 43rd Anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution


Event by Alliance For Global Justice

Sunday, July 24 AT 3 pm ET, 2 pm CT, 1 pm Nicaragua, 12 PT, 8 pm Greenwich/UK


On July 19, the people of Nicaragua will celebrate 43 years since the Sandinista triumph over the dictator Anastasio Somoza. Solidarity advocates of all ages are also traveling to Nicaragua from near and far to join in the observance.

Diverse activists will describe the “43/19” festivities — and changes they have witnessed within the country as the Nicaraguan people continue building their revolution in a free and sovereign nation. Join us to learn about the latest developments in this dynamic country.


Netfa Freeman & Chris Bernadel, Black Alliance for Peace
Marilyn Carlisle, Casa Baltimore Limay
Roger Harris, Task Force on the Americas
Nan McCurdy & Barbara Larcom, Nicaragua Webinars

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