Milwaukee, August 6, 2022: Justice for Brieon Green ! Release The Footage!


Event starts at 5:30 , tabling will begin at 4:30pm @ Alfred C. Clas Park
(Milwaukee County Courthouse facing wells), 901 n 9th st.

Green was arrested on Sunday, June 26, and died three hours after his arrest while at Milwaukee County Jail. An entire month has passed since Green’s death, and his family has yet received clear answers as to why and how he died. Green’s family needs to know what happened. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is refusing to be transparent. Issues around transparency are not uncommon for law enforcement in Milwaukee. In April, Keishon Thomas (20), died while in police custody at Milwaukee Police District 5. Cases like these further deteriorate the little, if any, trust that community members may have in Milwaukee’s law enforcement.

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