Fight the Right-Wing Attacks on the Human Right to Vote – Oppose Cleta Mitchell’s Jim Crow Election Network

Earlier this week, Documented released an article, Recordings Reveal What’s Really Going On in Cleta Mitchell’s Election Integrity Network, that included recordings from Conservative Partnership Institute “summits in Georgia, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. These are not one-day summits to simply rile up the base and build email lists—these are kick-off events to launch in-state election integrity coalitions, and are followed by regular calls, meetings, and other organizing efforts. The summits and in-state coalitions include the participation of other election denialist groups like Tea Party Patriots, Heritage Action, and Turning Point USA.” 

“The Conservative Partnership Institute is working to build what it calls a “permanent election infrastructure” in eight swing states staffed with people fully committed to election conspiracies. The project is led by Cleta Mitchell, the Trump lawyer who played a key role in plotting to overturn the 2020 election.”

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