“Keep Defending Our Homeland After I’m Gone” – Ibrahim Nabulsi, Lion Of Nablus

All our lives, we wonder what our last words might be at the moment of our martyrdom. Ibrahim Nabulsi’s were:

“I love my mother. Take care of homeland after me. I request for the sake of our honor, no one abandon the gun. I am here besieged, and I am going to be martyred. Pray for me.”

The Lion of Nablus, Ibrahim Nabulsi was beloved by all in the city, emerging from an early age as one of its foremost defenders and resistance fighters. Nabulsi gave his life to protect and guard Nablus from zionist incursion. He is a prime example of the sacrifice routinely given by the youth of the city to ensure its continued freedom from the occupation.

“To the contrary, there are hundreds of Ibrahims among us here today!” cried Nabulsi’s mother at his funeral procession. “We are all Ibrahim!” For however skilled a resistance fighter he was, Ibrahim Nabulsi himself did not wish to be seen as an individual symbol, but rather, as one among hundreds of heroes in his city and across his land tasked with defending it and liberating it from the evils of the occupation.

Glory to Ibrahim Nabulsi. Glory to every martyr. Palestine will be free.


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