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Venezuela & ALBA News 8.5.2022 #410: ALBA Countries Condemn US Provocations against China; Venezuela’s Special Economic Zones

Vijay Prashad: Latin America’s Fourth Left Wave Since the Cuban Revolution is Social Democratic In the first wave, inspired by the example of the socialist Cuban Revolution, wave after revolutionary wave has flooded Latin America with hope against US imperialism and for a left-wing breakthrough.The first wave was crushed by extreme violence against the Cuban example through military coups organised by the US programme called Operation Condor. The second wave of leftism – from the Nicaraguan and Grenadian revolutions of 1979 – opened new hope, which was once more contested by the imperialists through their ‘dirty wars’ in Central America and by imperialism’s alliance with the narco-terrorists of the region. The third wave came with the election of Chávez in 1999 and the advancement of what was known as the ‘pink tide’ in Latin America. The tide was undermined by the illegal US war against Venezuela, by the decline in commodity prices, and by the weakness of the social and political movements to contest the entrenched bourgeoisie in many countries of the region. The fourth wave is significant but should not be exaggerated. Even the mildest centre-left governments will be forced to address the serious social crises in the hemisphere, crises deepened by the collapse of commodity prices and by the pandemic.

Political Prisoner Alex Saab

Alex Saab Sends Letter of Thanks to Oscar Lopez Rivera Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab was able to respond this Tuesday to a letter sent in February of this year by former Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, noting that “it has been a real honor” to learn of his empathy and support. Saab said that “your struggle, your endurance and your companionship are an inspiration, without a doubt you are a hero…silence cannot become treason, consenting to the actions of those who abuse (…) gives them power over our future and that of our children and makes us indirect accomplices of their actions, by allowing them to harm others…we cannot give up, surrender is not an option, the empire believes that by torturing us, they break us and humiliate us, but the heart of a warrior is not lost, what better example of this than Oscar Lopez Rivera”.


UN Humanitarian Chief calls for solidarity and increased support for the Venezuelan people Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths: “I am heartened to see that the economy is showing signs of recovery. Important humanitarian needs remain. It is more important than ever that the international community continues to show solidarity with the Venezuelan people, ensuring the most vulnerable, including women, girls, boys and the elderly, are not left behind.” The Humanitarian Response Program requires$795 million for this year. It aims to support 5.2 million people with assistance, focusing on supporting health services, improving food security and nutrition, strengthening basic service delivery and education, promoting protection and addressing human mobility. Mr. Griffiths thanked international donors for their efforts in mobilizing $170 million so far this year.

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