Free the Kononovich Brothers! International Campaign Meeting – August 25, 2022 (Online)


Please sign the international petition to
Free the Kononovich Brothers:…/freedom-to-mikhail-and…

Mikhail and Alexander Kononovych, members of of the youth wing of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), were arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on 7th March 2022, and tortured in a Kiev detention centre. The SBU, Ukraine’s intelligence agency, has charged them with being “propagandists” and aiming to “destabilise” the internal situation in Ukraine.

The Kononovich Brothers have become symbolic of the thousands of victims of a brutal reign of terror, arrests, torture and murders unleashed in Ukraine since February 24 by the SBU, which is known to collaborate closely with neo-Nazi groups including the Azov Battalion and Sich-C-14 (well known for violent attacks on Roma settlements).

This includes the killing of at least 11 town mayors accused of collaborating with Russian or Donbas forces, the banning of all opposition parties, and the closure of all TV stations except one government controlled station.

Ukrainian president Zelensky himself issued an ominous warning that “there would be consequences for collaborators,” and an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, commented on social media about one mayor’s murder: “There is one less traitor in Ukraine.”

This reign of terror is detailed in these articles, with extensive photo and media evidence:…/traitor-zelensky…/…/Pro-Russian-mayor-city…

Organised by:

International Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity (created July 2020)


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